Haori Mirror, the first commercial AR box, is developed by Shenzhen Haori Technology Co,. Ltd. It adopts brand-new optical structure and has obtained the national innovation patent. It presents you a magical virtual world in reality, breaking the boundary between virtual and reality. With Haori Mirror, you can experience shock holographic effect, enjoy wonderful visual feast and interact with virtual content. To combine with specific content, it can be used for entertainment, education, tourism, E-commerce and design.

Product introduction

Product parameters

Haori AR headset highlights

      1 Suitable for continuous wearing

        The ergonomic design balances the pressure around the head and helps decrease the pressure on and around your eyes and nose so you will feel much more comfortable when enjoy the movie or game; It’s suitable for different people with different eyesight.

       2 No sense of vertigo    

       The viewing scene is based on the image of reality superimposing virtual. The cerebellum perception of the wearer is consistent with the viewing information when moving. At the same time, users will have a stronger sense of trust in the reality scene. So, you won’t feel dizzy.

       3 High freedom

       You can also see the real scene when enjoying videos. It’s like a transparent screen floating on the air. So it won’t affect your daily behavior.

       4 Image Clarity and Lifelike


Brand-new optical structure and scientific viewing way.

    6 AR/VR Mode accessible

The AR headset can easily be changed to VR headset if you want experience immersion.


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