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Shenzhen Haori Technology Co,.Ltd, established in 2013, is a technology leader in intelligent products.Founder Yu Jintian won several National Electronic Competition awards and own  more than 20 national patents. He leading the company developed the firstgesture recognition smart switch, the first set of intelligent restaurantsystem and other advanced technology for smart products in China, whichattracted great attention and favor. Our company successfully raised finance RMB 4 million by virtue of our AR (augmented reality) headset patent. From then on,our company fully dedicated to research and development of AR technology, equipmentand application. As the global development of AR technology in 2017, the firstyear of AR, Haori went further into AR field. Through the team’s unremittingefforts, we rapidly developed a AR headset named “Haori Mirror” and related ARsoftware configuration, and created the first domestic AR content platformwhich laid the foundation for the interactive experience and spread of AR technology.Innovation has always been our company’s spirit and core competitiveness. Ourgoal is to promote and popularize AR technology, breakingthe boundary between virtual and reality and changing our real world!


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